Launcher is outdated and not compatible with newest versions of DMO. This project has been discontinued and not supported anymore, sorry.

Welcome to DMO Advanced Launcher GitHub Page.

Hello! We would like to present to you the custom Digimon Masters Online Launcher. We invested all our effort and soul into its creation. It doesn't look like a default Launcher. It is: beautiful, comfortable, functional.

Overview and features

DMO Advanced Launcher supports ADMO (Aeria), GDMO (GameKing), KDMO ( and IMBC) servers. Unfortunately, not all features are supported for all servers. For example, Digimon Rotation and Community pages aren't available for ADMO. Functionality is distributed into different categories:

- supported for Aeria mode
- supported for GameKing mode
- supported for Korean mode (both and IMBC)
- supported for any mode
Main features:
Rotation of top Digimons of your guild
Stay Up-to-Date! Getting information about any guild (ranking, reputation, Digimons, etc)
GameKing news
Community Twitter statuses (@DMOWiki by default or @dmo_russian for Russian users)
Checking and installing game updates (disabled by default)
Screenshot gallery
Let the game meets. Possibility of change game resources like login background, dialogs, etc.
Launching the game through AppLocale, NTLEA or Locale Emulator (fixing codepage troubles like bad cyrillic at guild chat)
Profile system. You can make many profiles for every server/account/etc.
Note: GameKing DigiRotation and Community pages are temporary unavailable (GameKing still not provide digimon/guild ranking pages).

System requirements

  • Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Help with translation

We will be happy to get your help with translation the Launcher into other languages. Look at the Languages folder of Launcher's root folder. Use Template_for_translation.txt as template. Please send an email with your translation.

Known issues

  • Community page and DigiRotation uses information of game website. You know, not all Digimons are provided at ranking or Tamer's information pages (especially at Failmax Joymax GameKing), so not all Digimons are provided at our Launcher.
  • Moreover, Launcher can get only ONE Digimon of ONE type from website. So if you have two Impmons then only ONE will be added to database of Launcher. Usually it's a latest hatched Digimon.
  • Logging in takes a long time for KDMO IMBC. Error 705 is ok, you should just wait for successful login. If you're getting error 705 10 or more times, check your account data.

Source code

DMO Advanced Launcher is Open Source project under GNU GPL 3.0, so you can be sure that it doesn't include any malware, keyloggers, etc. It is safe to use, but keep in mind - DO NOT share any configuration files with untrusted persons.

Download source code:

$ cd your_repo_root
$ git clone


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